what i see

we'll start from the top
one week prior
to two years
spent in Switzerland

nineteen years old
the hat you inked
ever creative
your dad's turquoise ring
a good sized brown

what i see
my oldest child
leading out
fishing fish
soon to fish men

"Is this that old Browning rod?  I used that for years too (after Sam had graduated its ranks) and caught many, many fish with it."   --Danny Nydegger



Melissa: said…
That picture takes me back and it's funny how it restores so many memories of that season in my life. He had me by the hook, too. :)
cristie said…
M. so so happy you took the bait. i love you as my own. xox

deb. this boy served a two year mission searching for someone who wanted to listen to the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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