Thanksgiving 2010

we gathered in Boise to give thanks

the abundance of our lives worthy of celebration

we are blessed beyond measure

tables carefully set, the best we could provide

each marked with gratitude

amazing colorful bounty

ever gracious hosts

the five hour drive was extended by two more hours
weather made the driving white-knuckle

he brought his family, willing hands and heart

she was a delight!

a surprise gift from a sweet heart

all pitching in to make the load lighter

always arms for baby

little projects for little hands

technology and the ridiculous

the girls wore aprons and provided music...the home made variety

lots of photos

the aunt and her niece

clowning around

and the cat that finally came out from hiding

missing photo documentation:

  • 9 hours spent with Frodo in his quest to conquer the ring
  • my walk with Abi to heck and gone
  • BSU game (boo-hoo)!
  • girls crafting adorable fabric flowers for hair and neck
  • sissy's photo shoot
  • pumpkin waffles and so much more yummy food
  • prayer
  • Joe and Lynda spinning around in their car on the highway with a semi and car swerving to miss them...yes, we watched helpless from behind
  • skating around in our car
  • feeling punk from the bumpy ride
  • me eating a bag of white cheddar pop-corn in the car
  • hanging out with Sam and Joe on the bed...interesting conversation
  • i-spy with Grace
  • reading "One of Those Days" to the boys
  • hugs- kisses- teasing- "touched you last"



alison said…
Love all the pictures and the wonderful memories. We are honored that you would make the trip to be with us. Our home feels empty and quiet . . . miss you!
Unknown said…
oh, cristie

I am so glad your life is abundant and true and loving.

yet my heart leapt at the driving .

I would still be trembling.
Grandma Honey said…
Such happy family pictures! I LOVE the necklace your husband got you...I wonder where he got that.

btw, my copy of A Mormon Mother just arrived a few days ago and I already can barely put it down. So glad you had a blog post about it!
Cath said…
I love the pic of the girls playing piano and the huddling around a laptop. Looks like a joyous weekend. You are truly blessed!
S. Etole said…
It appears that there was an abundance of love shared for sure ...
cristie said… are definitely the hostess with the mostest! so scary...

grandma honey...actually my daughter-in-law Melissa presented me with that darling little necklace. of the lovely things about travel is we spent a lot of time together over the weekend.'re so right about the abundance of it all.

to respect and great devotion to our friendship. xox
Melissa: said…
You captured it well. Such a fun weekend. I'm glad to be in my own bed again, but truly those Brashers know how to open up a home and make you feel welcome.
...and feed us like kings from the first minute to the last! :)

I feel blessed looking at all those pictures!

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