312th day of the year

today is wet, drizzly, cold and gray
the trees reach naked arms to heaven
a candle burns the spicy fragrance of autumn
kitty is curled up like a small oval rug
happy for someone warm to sit by

we fell back this weekend
and falling back feels right
i can hear the weather
sleet on the roof
i am satisfied to be inside looking out

the last bouquet of roses bunched
aphids hosed down the drain
it's quiet here
claire has gone home
racing and chasing flew out the front door
so pleased she likes to come
blessings abound here on Mount Springs


* company for dinner
* clothes folded and put away
* unexpected treat
* our heater works
* faithful saints
* warm feet
* a date to the theater ... The Drowsy Chaperone 
* soup
* unexpected beauty
* this weather
* ticking of my watch
* I know He lives



Grandma Honey said…
That quilt is heavenly looking. The blend of colors is amazing. Did you make it??
S. Etole said…
The peace is here in your words and photos. That quilt is beautiful.
Unknown said…
Cristie... this was so you. and I love that. and you.

we had a wonderful few days of busy. life is a miracle, no?

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