candles-cakes-peppermint ice cream

we gathered to celebrate her birthday yesterday
we ate lasagna - salad - garlic bread - cake - ice cream
she blew out candles

his birthday is on Wednesday
23 years old!
he blew out candles
and made his wife laugh

and his birthday was on Friday
he also gladly helped put out cake fire

new shoes
thanks to Steve Madden
and family

to go with a new dress
thanks to Calvin Klein
and family

a wish come true thanks to Lynda

sister gave him a spicy candle

handsome fleece jacket from Ed and Val

three December babies
another year older
and wiser too

the girls playing with Valerie's new make-up
they love each other
unfortunately i didn't get a shot of Melissa's
amazing fabric flowers 
for head bands and jewelry 

or the boys teaching Joseph
how to properly
use this

Your birthday is a special day to celebrate 
the gift of 'you' to the world.



Grandma Honey said…
I had a baby this week too...25 years ago. Made for some interesting birthday parties. :)Too bad we never had a hat like yours!
Melissa: said…
You throw a great party. And I love your blog look. So fun!!
S. Etole said…
We have 3 December birthdays in our family, too ...
cristie said…
i actually have a little grandson that lives in Idaho that will be celebrating a birthday this Sunday. we sure would love to celebrate with him too. xox
Melissa: said…

Thanks for the boost on my blog. You seem to always know when I need it, and it really made my day. :)

I Love you.
alison said…
you know i hate missing out on a party!! love all these faces. miss you all!
Relyn Lawson said…
I love that you do the birthdays up right and don't claim the Christmas exemption. That's great. Happy birthday to all.

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