just for sis

she asked
somewhere she saw a scarf
"i really want one"
yesterday's project
all done

i think she looks adorable
but then i always did

she's happy with it
and i'm crazy for her
little does anyone know
she spent the day
with her head in the toilet
kneeling on LDSBC lawn
taking finals
running to the bathroom
so sick
pretty much everywhere she went
pretty much most of the day

later while she rested in my bed
i crocheted
she slept

Merry Christmas dear sissy
so glad you're feeling swell again




Unknown said…
you made that!!

you rock you know that.
S. Etole said…
what a most special gift ...
cristie said…
"you rock"...music to my ears ;) xox
Jo said…
I concur with deb, you rock to the utmost degree! Also, I'm super jealous of her scarf; I have no such talent. ;)

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