December 15, 1973

37 years ago we arrived late
so not like us
ever prompt
the alarm over slept
bad hair day
we raced through the valley

37 years ago in Los Angeles
Temple doors swung open
then Cristie Clark
to receive a new name
a new life
in every way
eager to leap

37 years then
my family stayed behind
refusing to attend
the only face i knew
was yours
and that was enough

a borrowed dress
a mute groom
you looked sick

me, carsick in the backseat
sitting by your grandma

so not like my dreams
those girlhood plans
except for essential
my prince

37 years later
i'd do it all again
in a heart beat
to be with you
sharing life
creating life
"and it was good"
"and your people shall be my people"

for 37 years
fondest dreams come true
this life of ours
a bumpy start
an amazing ride
vistas of wonder
now and forever



Melissa: said…
So sweet, now I am crying.
Your courage and example gave me courage.

I will be forever grateful for your examples, then and now.
alison said…
happy anniversary. i love your words and i love you. i am so thankful you took the leap.

S. Etole said…
Congratulations, dear lady ... your love for him shines through.
Grandma Honey said…
Very very sweet. Happy Anniversary!

I got married in the Oakland temple almost exactly a year after you. Dec. 20th, 1974
Katie said…
It's a great story. One of my favorites. I love you!
Relyn Lawson said…
This is beautiful. Happy, happy anniversary.
Cath said…
This is so beautiful. I didn't know you went alone. Wow Cristie. You two were meant to be. I love you both! Congrats!
cristie said…
well, hearing from each of you makes me so happy!

we had a perfect meal and then went to a dumb movie.

just being together was nice. xox
Valerie said…
I sure love seeing pictures of you guys when you were younger! You were, are, and forever will be beautiful. (And Kelsie most definitely has his eyes.)
Unknown said…
oh, I'd love to hear more of this story.

you are so beautiful, cristie
Julie said…
synergy-a remarkable phenomenon
Glad you found each other because you bless our lives.

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