Edward Williams Carter

today i had lunch with two of my favorite guys
Eddie and Sweetie

12 years old!

on the way to lunch he recited the preamble
and spoke of his love for airplanes

we ate here
he ordered over the phone
and knew exacting what he wanted

he can hardly tolerate this dude...Justin Bieber
but, has found that Taylor Swift is growing on him

he asked about where he got his tendency to tease...
we traced it back to great-Grandpa Gerald...

and he told tales of pestering Ozma (a classmate)...
boy oh boy can he get her going

he spoke of a time that his dad had worried him...
his dad said,
"a tornado came and pitched the Gold's house
all the way to Florida"
we had a good laugh about this little joke

his all time favorite song
by Ozzy Osbourne
for now

how after a rocky night's sleep
due to birthday excitement
his new alarm clock
woke him up to the Beatle's singing
then he chuckled

he got some "Jabo" marbles
he is a collector

and he got this cool little car
he is considering collecting these as well

(photo courtesy of his mother)

12 years old!

i want to be happy about his growing up before my very eyes
truth be told
i'm a little sad
and a lot blessed

he is
all amazing

Happy Birthday dear Edward
Happy Birthday to YOU!




Katie said…
So sweet. You are a wonderful grammy!

I laughed when I read about Justin Beiber. Isaac also takes pleasure in intensely disliking him.

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