Elizabeth Carter

she's good and ready to be nineteen

it's true
i never looked away
not from this prize
knowing all too soon
she will launch

my mother, my big girls, sweetie
all welcomed her
bright lights and sterile room
first baby born in Utah
last baby born of me

every virtuous attribute
embodied here
only sticking point-
get stuck in her craw

Heavenly Father knew
He always does
we need her
a blessing to all
precious beyond measure

happy 19 dear Elizabeth
happy birthday to you.

(photo by alison carter brasher)



Katie said…
How I love my sweet Sis! I dreamt about her birth last night. Such a special memory.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.
Grandma Honey said…
What a beautiful girl with a beautiful name.
S. Etole said…
Her smile must light up your lives! A very blessed day to her and year ahead.

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