the jar... ? five--oh boy oh boy

What kinds of things do you collect?

Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.
Albert Einstein

soooo, recently

i adore them
i have collected over a hundred
hand crafted
loved and well used
i have a marvelous plan for them

before that
and still ongoing

handmade- amazing- colorful- marbles
the kids and i trade and play during the holidays

at university
it all started with
my feet shout my mood

many many great patterns and fun colors

and then...beads
my grand-daughters love stirring and arranging
and trying on

i once made bracelets galore
each one had to have a heart shaped bead
once again
lovely glass
i enjoy giving them away

even now i collect plates

the first was a wedding gift
painted by sweetie's mimi

the variety
makes plain old scrambled eggs
fun to eat

others i use to decorate for holidays

some were gifts
(from me to me)
kind of

in my travels
over many years 
i have collected
but mostly been gifted
seven of these are Swatch
an appreciation fostered
in Switzerland
thanks to Sam

but now i just stick with the big one on the right
Timex...easy to read
"takes a licken' and keeps on ticken'"

i have a fun collection of stamps

then i have a thing for birds

there was a time i fed and loved
about 28 birds
mostly exotic finches
now only six live here
all but two are parrots

i think i may be a little bit crazy

they greet me good morning

and wish me sweet dreams

i collect children's books
and give them away

Caldecott Medal winners
with their
gorgeous illustrations

in the loft there is a wall
filled with all kinds of books

now i am thinking about

these are on a little purse

it would be fun to embellish pillows
using buttons

kind of like this

and i collect music
i just checked
38.5 days of non-stop
never repeat
music on file

just downloaded this tune yesterday
it really sounds
like sunshine feels

warm and toasty



Grandma Honey said…
Very interesting person you are. I would love to know more about your favorite music.

I just collect plates. You've got some great ones.
Melissa: said…
So fun! I just downloaded that song yesterday as well, what a coincidence! I love it.

I'm so curious, what are your plans for those lovely hankies?

The button pillow is way cute!
Lora Dawn said…
Love, love, love the rich pictures
and fun collections
alison said…
i love seeing all these pictures of you collections. i got to thinking, i don't really collect anything . . . i've got to start working on that;)

the hanky collection is new to me, can't wait to hear about your plans for them!
Relyn Lawson said…
I love it. I also collect children's book - especially gorgeously illustrated fairy tales. I also give them, but not my own collections. I have a wonderful collection of vintage hankies from my Mamaw, too. Loved this post.
Relyn Lawson said…
And, oh! I forgot to say - I SERIOUSLY love that button pillow. Love it, love it - really, really want one!!!

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