happy is the man who wants what he has

breakfast for sis


  • in the wee hours of the morning...the large golden orb languishing about the western mountains
  • clipped fingernails
  • clear vision of where i want to go
  • this hope
  • and faith
  • The Box came with many delights
  • happy dental check-up
  • embracing Robert...home, safe
  • watching Joseph and Robert embrace after four years of separation
  • Laurel 
  • my children keep trying
  • fresh snow...maybe five inches
  • oranges that taste like sunshine
  • his strong embrace
  • shampoo
  • Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap
  • steam coming up from the hot iron and the smell of fresh linen



S. Etole said…
the ironing ... such simple joy in the iron and wrinkles straightened
Laure said…
i too watch the mountains full of sun ... watching me

thank you.
Cath said…
Sweet life. I love how alive you are!

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