the jar...number six

what did your grandfather do for a living?

John Henry (Pete) Peterson
he adopted and raised my mother

  1. worked as a butcher where he lost three middle fingers on his right hand
  2. worked as manager for Underwood Typewriter until WWII
  3. worked as promoter selling land
  4. grew up in Colonia Juarez, Mexico in a polygamist family...buried in Salt Lake City cemetery

Milton Erwin Price
my mother's natural father

  1. Colorado sheep rancher and homesteader
  2. grew up in Eureka, Utah...buried in Salt Lake City cemetery
illustration...not actual photo of him

Nathan George Clark
my father's father

He basically lived off of his inheritance which necessitated my grandma Clark taking the Bamburger to Salt Lake in her later years to work as a scrub woman until she had a heart attack

  1. The only job my dad can remember him having was when he was a dishwasher for a brief time at Keeley's Cafe and Candy Store in Salt Lake City
  2. He was a polygimist
  3. grew up in Farmington, Utah...buried in Farmington, Utah cemetery



    aas said…
    I learned things I didn't know! Thank you for sharing! :)

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