other than BYU education week

this is the very first time sweetie and I have taken a vacation together
just us

and we are having a blast!

yes here i am in our Mustang convertible
mexican dress
and happy as a lark
"hey good lookin' take a picture and climb on in"

off to eat macadamia nut and banana pancakes

a very large pond of koi are in the lobby

we sleep here

from the balcony looking in

we brush our teeth here
pioneer woman always shows where she stays
i like it
so now i thought i would share

on the 11th floor looking out

fresh lei's strung and ready to wear
no i didn't get one
but sweetie was ready and willing to buy

man oh man could she ever shake
love her shell necklace
and long long hair

the end

but not really.



Cath said…
You've made me entirely too envious with all of these posts. So I am enjoying a little island flavor through you! That pic of you in the car is just happy! So glad you two are away together! Hurray! xo
cristie said…
cath, i sure do wish i could stow you away here for a little sunshine break. xox
alison said…
i am loving all these familiar scenes of a most wonderful place to visit. miss you . . . glad you two could get away together:)

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