today is Fast Sunday

for the past hour i have been trying to sleep
three a.m. on the island
six a.m. at home

we went to see a movie last night

  • entertaining
  • good acting
  • interesting premise 
  • lead to good discussion
  • duty / free will / divine destiny / who is really in charge
did i really stop eating after a huge breakfast yesterday?

i hope this isn't messing with The Word of Wisdom
then again it may explain why i'm awake

this was all consumed after the movie
and it all was pretty dang good
luckily there's a lot of s-t-r-e-t-c-h in my swimming suit
please tell me i'm not what i eat...

of the two pictures taken of me yesterday
this was the best
i'd like to think i am far cuter than this
but, the photo pretty much says it all

pool side reading
Ann Voskamp's book is amazing
Nora's book is silly
Reader's Digest always interesting

the hotel sends a little news digest to every room each morning
reading it i learned that Bobby Fischer's estate is just now being settled
then i googled
did you know that Bobby Fischer's body was exhumed last year?
he is buried in Copenhagen
i always liked the movie SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER

on the way to Duke's

on the way to Duke's

this is Duke's and this is where you can eat Hula Pie
hear glasses clinking in the night and loud happy laughter
smell delicious grilled food
feel the ocean breeze while you eat
hear breaking waves
buy a t-shirt

it is located right on the beach
next door

so, we will go to church at nine
then take a nature walk in Poipu
and eventually break our fast



S. Etole said…
I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts" right now, too. There's lots to chew on.
Cath said…
Bought Ann's book last month. Still haven't had a moment to break in. But can't wait. Loving all your descriptions of paradise. Enjoy. Enjoy. xo
cristie said…
sue, i would have to agree that i tend to read this a few pages at a time and then ... think.

cath, eucharisteo, a new word for me. it's always so nice to hear from you. xox
Grandma Honey said…
Thanks for the tip on the book and the movie. I will check them both out!
alison said…
i think you look adorable in you suit:) glad you are enjoying yourself and having a wonderful time!

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