today from thalwil

happy birthday dear auntie
happy birthday to you!

hey there love ..

just tried phoning but your phone rang for a bit and then went to voice mail.  it's coming up on 11 pm here so i guess it's almost 4 pm in your neck of the woods.

i'm thinking that today's anna lee's birthday, yes?  she's been on my mind, and all of the memories are really, really good.

i was thinking tonight that it was annie and norman who took you on that cruise that was supposed to get you away from your sweet one?  i think i've got that right.  a lot of good that did, eh?

(but at least you got a cruise out of it)

thinking of you tonight and celebrating favorite aunt anna lee.

much love from thalwil

i am lucky
my brother
knows my heart
is part of my yesterday's
loves me

i am most fortunate indeed



Melissa: said…
Pretty lady. She was good to me.

And your brother is so sweet, and so are you! :)

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