you will find me on the rooftop

Saturday early morning call from casino in Las Vegas
in the bathroom crying
she had been there two days
went with someone who promised marriage
got there and told her she needed to make him some money

she ran away
sweetie told her to find security

three hours later another phone call
she was being held secure in room with guard at casino
her speech is slurred
she says she hasn't slept in two days

Sunday she calls sweetie at his layover in Denver
casino called paramedics...she was in bad shape
she is at a treatment facility

today i phoned the treatment faclity
spoke with her
hard to recognize her voice
she is being moved somewhere
sorry  "messed up my birthday"
sorry  "my life is a failure"

the lamb, the coin, the dear one is found...i am relieved...i rejoice!

we all rejoice...what was lost now is found
ever praying for a "mighty change of heart"



Unknown said…
can you feel my hug, cristie?!
can you know that my tears fall , in joy, in anguish.
Grandma Honey said…
Oh cristie. Such relief, and such sadness for you to know what she's been through. A mother's love knows no bounds. I once heard it said, "A mother can only be as happy as her most unhappy child." I've thought of that saying so many times. I will continue to pray for you all.
S. Etole said…
thankful ... and praying still
cristie said…
i feel your hug

your prayers are heard

we will all rejoice!

thank you for your care. xox
Cath said…
Relieved. Tears of joy for you. xo

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