1800 South, Bountiful

here we are with the Barber boys
Audree at my side
i am six barely
she is four 

 mother would have curled my hair
she was like that
always fixing us up
daily baths
suspenders and bracelet

money was scarce and so was her time
still she found a way to snap a picture

film developed 1960
looks to be summer

thank you kind nathan for sending me some photos
my heart smiles



Grandma Honey said…
Looks like a summer picture. I wonder if it was taken in 1959 but not developed till 1960. How sweet you had your little bracelet on while outside playing! Very cute.
alison said…
i am loving these glimpses into the past. keep em' coming.

love you.
Unknown said…
oh, be still my heart cristie !!!

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