my housebound rainy week

i absolutely loved this rainy week because...

it held for me a lot of reading pleasure.
i liked this book so a matter of fact it could very well be MY story.
i say that because i related entirely with the romance, conflict, nausea, devoted man.
i probably laughed out loud six or seven times (always a good sign).
the pages are lovely.
this was a light, fun, wholesome, engaging rainy day read.

on the other hand...this book was too contrived.
the writing was fine, but a whiny protagonist made me want to give her a swift kick in the britches.
the only thing i liked about this book was the fact that each chapter heading had a verse from an "unfortune cookie" for example--

  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away. you should invest in an apple orchard.
  • compel yourself to do something you wouldn't normally do, because what you normally do doesn't seem to be working.
  • happiness rightly eludes you.
  • accept something that you cannot change. the way you look for instance.
  • don't get caught up with a hopeless romantic. the romance will end, and then it's just hopeless.
this was our book group choice...a dumb book.

i also watched this series.
interesting to view a period piece and see how the helpers made an estate work.
the hopes and dreams of people from that era, the societal expectations, and selfish/wicked motives and their trickle down effect. 
i was entertained...and who doesn't love Maggie Smith?



marge said…
too bad you didn't read R.O.O.M. by Donoghue. There's still time.
S. Etole said…
I like your honest reviews!
Grandma Honey said…
Oh yes, yes, yes I LOVED Pioneer Woman!

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