four weeks and counting

Game Update

4 weeks down

  • Alison..."Just keep plugging along. I feel like its been pretty easy to stay away from candy, desserts and soda once I made up my mind. In the beginning I found that after meals I would crave a little sweet something to top off the meal, like a Hershey kiss or some chocolate covered pomegranate's (chocolate is my weakness). It has been hardest when i have been on vacation and on the weekends when I would normally have treats. I'm still worried that I will eat something that wouldn't be allowed and have dreams about messing up. I am glad for the challenge most of the time:)"

  • David..."Twenty three hours of the day it is easy."

  • Liz..."I really don't have anything to say."
  • Me..."I am very happy to enjoy this challenge with such great competitors. I am generally feeling better---body, mind, spirit."

  • Becky..."Wow, tomorrow- we will be at this for four weeks! The time has really flown by for me. We made it thru Easter even!  Easter night I thought about what I would have eaten that day: probably about two pieces of strawberry pie,  2 of Emily's homemade sugar cookies, probably 3-4 handfuls of easter candy.  That would have most likely been my minimum
    Isn't that gross? It is getting easier don't you think? I still have a few cravings, mostly when I am tired.  I have this false feeling that maybe some sug would give me the energy that I need. One thing that has made this month way easier for me- I love this smoothy, it is as good as any ice cream I have had.  It is really filling too.
    Try 1 cup frozen fruit ( from Costco  It has pineapple, mango, strawberries and others)
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup ice cubes
    sprinkle of crystal lite  Mix until like ice cream in your blender-
    It is delicous.  Good luck, knowing you guys are doing this really helps me."

  • Melissa...I was really hoping someone would go out this month - only because it would make me feel like this game is actually going to end at some point.  But if not, then so be it.  The more dedicated everyone else is, the stronger I have to be to keep playing and that's a good thing.
    Month two, here we go!

  • Anna..."The first two weeks were the hardest.  I found myself constantly craving my roommates candy or baked homemade goods.  Now, it's not so hard.  I learned to satisfy my cravings with berries mashed into my oatmeal or 100% pure orange juice (don't worry, I checked).  Only at random moments when I smell something so sweet and tempting do I have to remind myself "beach body Anna, beach body."
darling anna is already beach fit!

  • Danny..."Well, I don't really have my beach body yet (I'm still just as hairy as when I started).  I have the hardest time with not eating candy on the weekends.  And Katie's baked goods are nearly impossible to resist.  I'm predicting a long time until someone drops, but then much shorter intervals of people dropping after that.  No one wants to be the first to call it quits."



Anna Diederich said…
ah thanks! i love reading what everyone has to say! this is fun.
S. Etole said…
you're all doing so well ....
marge said…
I could never play this game. I love chocolate chip cookies too much. I can attest for Anna. She didn't touch one sweet thing when she was here for Easter. Doesn't she have a great body?! She's looking so sweet (?!)
Deb said… guys are die hard! I don't know if I could play for those stakes. Awesome job to all of you!

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