even then

even then i was watching
always aware that you were good
i could count on you

even then i would listen
deep voice
sometimes loud
always sure
encouraging "you can do anything"

even then i knew
you were a force to be reckoned with
hard, unrelenting, no nonsense
apples don't fall far from the tree
i can be hard

even then i thought
you were perfect
adoring you from the start
nothing has changed
except we grew up


Julie said…
Cristie, have you told your father about your blog? He would love reading your work, especially the pieces about your family. If he is not a computer guy perhaps you could write them in a beautiful book for him. They are so poignant. Julie
cristie said…
I really appreciate your positive support with these little entries. You have so many good ideas. I will have to put something together for n.g.clark. xox
Unknown said…
This photo made me cry, Cristie. For the same and different reasons.
I looked at my father like that in a picture , taken not long before his death. ( suicide).
Sorry .. just so moved by all of these posts.

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