two girls

they are sisters
hazel and blue
one grade apart
married to cousins

they shared a blue bedroom
tidy and not
a dormer window
fun then pushing

they are best friends
exchange recipes
laugh freely
understand completely

they are after all
separated by miles
sealed never to part


alison said…
there's nothing like a sister. i love that girl.

very well written. you have a gift with words:)
Julie said…
Keep it coming, it always makes my day! You have a gift for creating concise words that paint detailed pictures in my mind and heart. I loved today too.
Cath said…
Cristie. I'm blown away by your poetry. This is beautiful! I love Alison and Katie. How do you manage to spill out poetry day after day? I love reading. Thanks.
Katie said…
My sis! Shes the "tidy" - I'm the "not". I love her dearly.

I love your poem sweet Mom.
cristie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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