spooky fun

come here little child
a story i'll tell
of witches and goblins
of spiders and spells

don't scream or cry
it will do you no good
Halloween has come
to your neighborhood

we'll climb on my broom
and tear through the sky
we'll fly so dang fast
as roof tops race by

you'll be back at school
before the last bell
the kids won't guess
how you flew through h-e-double-hockey sticks

even though your clothes
have the smell of smoke
singed eyebrows and eyelashes
friends think it's a joke

they will never believe you
those girlies and boys
you had a grand adventure
filled with Halloween joy



Melissa: said…
I really wish I was in Boise right now!

LOVE it.
Cool, cool picture!
Katie said…
You've always been the most fun Halloween Mom. You look spooky!!
alison said…
we were so lucky to have you for halloween!! great face painting!!

love you.

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