the hang-up

quickly a good day can go south
she calls all sugar and spice
a request to drive to heck-and-gone
"it'll look good on my resume"

i look at the time and think of traffic
this sweet, kind, indulged darling
"you need to come home"
pause, no click the line goes dead

i consider being nice, briefly
so many options...
i too hate to be denied...
shuffling downstairs; she's home

saved lunch waiting for her
"do you want to get tossed"
blue eyes looking innocent
i will never be a doormat

quickly a good day gone south
sugar and spice and not so nice
someday will mother
the 'tail will not wag the dog'

for any mother's raised here



alison said…
i would NEVER have done that! i can't believe she hung up on you:) i want to hear more.
Melissa: said…
I soon as I read "click" I thought, Ohhhhhh No!

I love the last line, that you realize when you teach/discipline/educate your children, that you are blessing their lives as future parents, too. I don't think I've ever thought of it that way.

I'm sorry about the lousy day though, for both of you.
Julie said…
I'm glad to know that darling girl has a flaw or two. I thought she was perfect. Well maybe perfect, minus one. Love you Miss Lizzie.
cristie said…
the nice thing hour later and it's "all water under the bridge."

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