Monday, December 27, 2010


she did everything she could
followed through

just the same
she was exhausted
walking eyes wide open
a fuzzy brain

she did everything she could


Friday, December 24, 2010

do you see what i see?

all month long we have prepared

remembered each stitched name

we have anticipated





knowing He is.

today on the 24th

only the day before

the day

i walked through the house

never ending work

never ending love

being carried and redeemed

do you see what i see?

do you hear what i hear?

do you know what i know?

He was always here

He always will be

Joyous Christmas to one and all.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

God's extraordinary work

is most often done

by ordinary people

in the seeming obscurity

of a home

and family.

-Neil A. Maxwell-


Friday, December 17, 2010

just for sis

she asked
somewhere she saw a scarf
"i really want one"
yesterday's project
all done

i think she looks adorable
but then i always did

she's happy with it
and i'm crazy for her
little does anyone know
she spent the day
with her head in the toilet
kneeling on LDSBC lawn
taking finals
running to the bathroom
so sick
pretty much everywhere she went
pretty much most of the day

later while she rested in my bed
i crocheted
she slept

Merry Christmas dear sissy
so glad you're feeling swell again



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 1973

37 years ago we arrived late
so not like us
ever prompt
the alarm over slept
bad hair day
we raced through the valley

37 years ago in Los Angeles
Temple doors swung open
then Cristie Clark
to receive a new name
a new life
in every way
eager to leap

37 years then
my family stayed behind
refusing to attend
the only face i knew
was yours
and that was enough

a borrowed dress
a mute groom
you looked sick

me, carsick in the backseat
sitting by your grandma

so not like my dreams
those girlhood plans
except for essential
my prince

37 years later
i'd do it all again
in a heart beat
to be with you
sharing life
creating life
"and it was good"
"and your people shall be my people"

for 37 years
fondest dreams come true
this life of ours
a bumpy start
an amazing ride
vistas of wonder
now and forever


Monday, December 13, 2010

candles-cakes-peppermint ice cream

we gathered to celebrate her birthday yesterday
we ate lasagna - salad - garlic bread - cake - ice cream
she blew out candles

his birthday is on Wednesday
23 years old!
he blew out candles
and made his wife laugh

and his birthday was on Friday
he also gladly helped put out cake fire

new shoes
thanks to Steve Madden
and family

to go with a new dress
thanks to Calvin Klein
and family

a wish come true thanks to Lynda

sister gave him a spicy candle

handsome fleece jacket from Ed and Val

three December babies
another year older
and wiser too

the girls playing with Valerie's new make-up
they love each other
unfortunately i didn't get a shot of Melissa's
amazing fabric flowers 
for head bands and jewelry 

or the boys teaching Joseph
how to properly
use this

Your birthday is a special day to celebrate 
the gift of 'you' to the world.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Edward Williams Carter

today i had lunch with two of my favorite guys
Eddie and Sweetie

12 years old!

on the way to lunch he recited the preamble
and spoke of his love for airplanes

we ate here
he ordered over the phone
and knew exacting what he wanted

he can hardly tolerate this dude...Justin Bieber
but, has found that Taylor Swift is growing on him

he asked about where he got his tendency to tease...
we traced it back to great-Grandpa Gerald...

and he told tales of pestering Ozma (a classmate)...
boy oh boy can he get her going

he spoke of a time that his dad had worried him...
his dad said,
"a tornado came and pitched the Gold's house
all the way to Florida"
we had a good laugh about this little joke

his all time favorite song
by Ozzy Osbourne
for now

how after a rocky night's sleep
due to birthday excitement
his new alarm clock
woke him up to the Beatle's singing
then he chuckled

he got some "Jabo" marbles
he is a collector

and he got this cool little car
he is considering collecting these as well

(photo courtesy of his mother)

12 years old!

i want to be happy about his growing up before my very eyes
truth be told
i'm a little sad
and a lot blessed

he is
all amazing

Happy Birthday dear Edward
Happy Birthday to YOU!