Sunday, April 29, 2012

birthday twins

they are eleven years old now
 what must it be like to have someone share so much of your be a twin
 she wanted to wear the celebration hat
the birthday girl got her toenails painted by her thoughtful aunt
mama made a wonderful dinner
they were celebrated
the birthday girl repeatedly announced it has been her best birthday ever!


Monday, April 16, 2012

how does it feel

i sat in the back
as in cultural hall
surrounded by people from Nepal
sounds. smells. clothing. faces.

all new

there you were
on the stand
facing forward 

the look of being present
all over you

called. sustained. set apart.
to love
and serve
and work

my boy
forever my boy
this mother heart knows joy


Thursday, April 12, 2012


last night i went to sleep knowing i would read the final chapter
knowing that again i would know
praying for the holy promise
fulfilled once again

i am reading the Book of Mormon and marking it for each grandchild
this is the third completed reading
i have fifteen more to go to this point
many more to follow

this is me this morning
i just finished the last word
my day is off to a wonderful beginning

this little girl has been asking for her book
"have you finished yet?"

her cousin Eddie received his book last year
and so did her sister

this is a picture of Ed and Grace

they are the picture of all that is good
he is handsome
she is lovely

i am a better girl because of this book

and tomorrow
i begin again with only Isaac in mind


Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen

we too and those that we love will live again. ccc


Thursday, April 5, 2012

one year anniversary

April 3rd has come and gone
Alison, Melissa, Elizabeth, Becky, Cristie and Danny
have not tasted
for one year

  Melissa... I've learned that:

-It is possible for me to go a year without candy, desserts and soda (I did not intend to stay in this long).
-I've learned that for me it's not the treats that keeps the extra pounds on - I can manage to stay that way with all food.
-I definitely don't get as many headaches as I used to.  I used to have bad headaches.  That is a major bonus.
-I still crave sweets EVERY day.

Honestly, I wish I felt more satisfaction about it than I do.   A year ago I would have been amazed to think I could go this long, that it is a great accomplishment.  Now, it's just another day.

 Alison...This has been a great challenge! I wish I could say that I look different because of it, but I manage to find the calories in other ways! I have enjoyed doing this with my daughter . . . she really inspires me! Abigail is not "officially" part of the game, so she really has nothing to lose. I am so impressed with her!
 Elizabeth...I have missed chocolate chip cookies the most. Dating has been a little challenging because many times a stop for frozen yogurt or some other sweet treat is part of the planned evening. Also, people my age often gather and make sweet treats the centerpiece of the gathering. I don't like to draw attention to the fact that I'm not eating those treats.
 Cristie...I have really benefited from this challenge. There is a freedom from feeling compelled to find a sweet fix throughout each and every day. After about four or five months I just quit thinking about sweets as an option. I have lost eight pounds and seem to be just holding steady in the weight department. The way I was eating junk I am certain that my weight was just going up and up and up. I rarely have a headache, few mood swings, better energy and sense of well being. This has been good for me.

 Becky...One year- how can it seem like yesterday but also seem like forever? How good it feels to deny yourself and feel like you have a little control and discipline that you can follow through for a year with a goal.  Feel so much better--about 23 lbs lighter and can't thank all this Carter crew enough.
There were days that I thought about you passing up ice cream and birthday cake and homemade toffee to help me stay committed. I'll be honest I think I surprised myself.
Thanks-  we found out there is more joy in life than sugar!

 Danny...Ok, what no desserts/candy/soda has meant in my life is just that - no desserts/candy/soda. I am just hunkered down and ready to do it until I die, even if it means no Newport fritters again, which is honestly the worst part. :)


Monday, April 2, 2012

busy weekend

 these fine men went to the priesthood session of General Conference
 these young women are capturing a moment

Ironman 70.3 California triathlon takes place in Oceanside and on neighboring Camp Pendleton.

The event, which features a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and a 13.1-mile run, typically includes 2,200 athletes from more than 30 countries. The unique race features a harbor swim at Oceanside Harbor, a one-loop bike ride on neighboring Camp Pendleton, and a two-loop run along the ocean along the world famous Strand in Oceanside.
yes...swim-bike-run...for 70.3 miles

amazing alison