Wednesday, March 25, 2015

how does it feel?

how does it feel
to spend many hours
riding in a car
arriving home at bedtime
the world is dark

walk through the garage door
drag in stuff from the car
and begin the process...
dirty goes where it goes
trash gets the heave ho
charge electronics
and make your way to the shower

then like magic
turning the corner
i flip on the front porch light
seeing through the glass
bright colors peeking through the window
i open the door 


just look!
the ordinary 

this unexpected kindness
this beautiful offering
this caring
God's lovliness

i am humbled
to be remembered

i won't forget

and that's how it feels


Saturday, March 21, 2015

that kind of love

i love this image so much
wishing i could give credit for the capture
it has captured my heart

for me it is a reminder

this great big beautiful world
family and friends
creatures great and small

He loves us that much!
imagine that
imagine that kind of love

were my son hungry i would not give him a stone

He sees our hunger
knows our needs
our names

and He eagerly invites
all i need to do is come
and i will find rest
the kind of rest that matters

i love this photo
it reminds me to offer my all
my heart
"oh take and seal it"


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Then & Now

That was then...

Cristie with her dolly
her baby buggy
her mother curled her bone straight hair
tennis shoes with stockings cuffed
a sun dress
it's obvious she is well loved
after all someone bothered to take a photo with film

This is now...

sixty years later
Cristie holding her youngest grand baby
a real live dolly
that snuggles right in
and is a squishy little darling
it's obvious Rosie is well loved
her little shrug sweater
with a pony and bow crowning her glory

a dream come true

i do believe in dreams