Monday, May 12, 2014

three things

It was the Saturday before Mother's Day
lovely small hoop earrings
a gift from my Chicago gal

 I came into the kitchen to find this lovely surprise
Pink with a touch of Violet
a gift from my sweetheart
a tender note that made my heart skip a beat
He's good to me that way.

 My mother passed just before Mother's day
eleven years ago
I miss her
I always bring a Coke
"mother's milk" she once said.
this Saturday
my companion and I
filled with meaningful

I loved Mother's Day this year probably more than any other.
Even though I missed my LarLar
I so enjoyed those eight children that I cared for "as if in a dream."

My life is really a dream come true.
How many people feel that way?
--not so many. (am i bragging?)