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Cleo Afton Call Clark - a letter

Many years ago when I was a young teenager I stopped by my Grandma Clark's home to visit her after school. She told me about this letter she had written and then when she talked about losing her daughter Marial she became overcome with emotion. She gave me this letter and the following is what was written.

April 1st 1963

Dear Dean Cutler:
While sitting with a sick neighbor I heard your very splendid remarks on Public Pulse.
I must say it delighted me. Your plea for older people interested me because I'm fast, whether I like it or not, reaching that stage of life. I first realized that when my son said something about mother getting older. I quickly replied, "I am not old." He said, "well, mother you have six children past forty years so I'm sure you are no spring chicken."
I was born in the Mormon Colonies in dear old Mexico, where my wonderful parents taught each of their large family to take responsibility; to do his work on time and not offer excuse…

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