Tuesday, May 31, 2011

faces i love on Memorial Day

my sisters

thank heaven for sweet girls who enjoy working husband's family gatherings

somehow this picture ended up on my camera...sis?

liz was the subject of many action shots

pam is always holding a baby

laurel's friend kim spent the weekend

young nate was a little sick...but always adorable

jenny is always fixed up so cute

my baby brother

i admire him so much

a spill with rescue

married in less than three weeks

my prince


siblings minus nathan--missing him

flanked by able skaters

nate just home from a two year mission

cousins and friends

why audree is so tall

thinking..."are you really going to take another picture"

why yes...i think i will


Monday, May 30, 2011

happy birthday dear Melissa

only 34
beautiful through and through
Sam blessed our lives
with you


lovely weather for a sleigh-ride together

no kidding...snow on the roof tops
the grass
the deck
not much, but it is there


Bobby Skewes, you never came home

no one prepared me
inscribed 58,000 plus
one boy, Bobby Skewes
my next door neighbor
helped me learn how to ride a bike
six then...he was eight
i found his name
touched it  

this wall is enormous
stretches much too far
is there no other way?
an empty chair at the table
forever more
a life hardly lived

to honor this life offering
"God shed His grace on Thee"
at such a cost
thank you

by katie_mihalak
by Ranger Princess
by joidevivrephotography
by Katie_MiHalak
by thai photophrie