three things

It was the Saturday before Mother's Day
lovely small hoop earrings
a gift from my Chicago gal

 I came into the kitchen to find this lovely surprise
Pink with a touch of Violet
a gift from my sweetheart
a tender note that made my heart skip a beat
He's good to me that way.

 My mother passed just before Mother's day
eleven years ago
I miss her
I always bring a Coke
"mother's milk" she once said.
this Saturday
my companion and I
filled with meaningful

I loved Mother's Day this year probably more than any other.
Even though I missed my LarLar
I so enjoyed those eight children that I cared for "as if in a dream."

My life is really a dream come true.
How many people feel that way?
--not so many. (am i bragging?)



S. Etole said…
What beautiful flowers. So glad you had a nice day and enjoy your life so much.
Grandma Honey said…
You said it so well!…I sometimes look back on all those years of intense parenting and wonder now if it was all a dream. Did it really happen??
Relyn Lawson said…
Your flowers were beautiful!

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