haiku's and a rhyme from GAMERS

2 months completed!

cristie...once upon a time 
            i ate everything in sight
            now only healthy

danny...I really feel like
            Just stuffing my face full of
            Newport Beach fritters

david...Naive and foolish, I played this game
            Now two months in it's so mundane
            My drug of choice, the sugar sweet
            Invades my dreams as I sleep
            A lesson learned I must confess
            When sweets abound, my life is blessed.

melissa...Birthday without cake
             July without coke and ice
               September?   We'll see...

anna...I step on the scale,
           my roommate's eating ice cream,
           I sigh and step off

alison...did not want to play
             persuasion came calling me
             not in it to win

still waiting to hear from elizabeth and becky-both still in the game



S. Etole said…
enjoy these sweet-free updates ...
Anna Diederich said…
danny's is the best. oh man.
Cath said…
You guys are amazing. I don't know how you're doing it!
Michelle said…
Catherine told me about your contest-- 2 months!-- amazing. I've never made it for more than a month and usually three weeks is my max.

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