my very first job

my dad had a produce business
in the winter
 cases of oranges
stacked in the family wagon

door to door
selling oranges
at his cost
all of the money went in our pockets

"but little girl, i can buy oranges for less at the store"

i was in elementary school
audree went with me
or she took the other side of the street
a race to see who could sell the most

"mister, i can't argue with anyone who sells their produce for less...
they know what it's worth"

and with that said
i would slice an orange
with a white handled pocket knife
a taste of golden sunshine
on a cold winter day

yup, that's what my dad taught me to say

i love my dad



S. Etole said…
what a smart father and daughter!
Lora Dawn said…
Go dad .. . . great approach! What a courage builder for a little girl.

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