we were young
out to dinner
with another couple

a magician wandered
table to table
he stopped
do you have a bill?

$5..."no that won't work"
all i have is a twenty
abracadabra--hocus pocus--presto change o

then he was gone

we were sick
sweetie's lunch money
for the month
magically evaporated

i'll never forget
being duped

and counting pennies



Grandma Honey said…
That is so sad....how cruel. Did he wander table to table doing that? Probably more like restaurant to restaurant.
Eddie said…
Thats why I live by the rule of never trust a magician.
S. Etole said…
that's sad ...
Melissa: said…
what a creep!
I can feel my stomach twisting up just thinking about it.

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