gratitude on Monday


  • a rose for sweetie on father's day
  • angie
  • jeff
  • audree
  • nathan
  • anson
  • alison coming to town with her "little's" and one "big"
  • stake conference
  • dedicated servants of Him
  • david and kelli coming to town
  • a new little boy for them
  • at last Trek
  • 17 miracles
  • opening the front door early each morning to let Summer in
  • a crescent moon this morning over Mount Olympus
  • we are happy
  • everywhere i look i see His care
  • we keep trying
  • walking the cove
  • sis stirring around bright and early each morning
  • a fun date for her
  • deviled eggs
  • insurance for lost diamond



Dee Dee said…
Hey, did you notice my name in the 17 Miracles credits? I was a helper to dress extras a couple of days. Annie die the costume wardrobe stuff. FUN!

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