one year anniversary

April 3rd has come and gone
Alison, Melissa, Elizabeth, Becky, Cristie and Danny
have not tasted
for one year

  Melissa... I've learned that:

-It is possible for me to go a year without candy, desserts and soda (I did not intend to stay in this long).
-I've learned that for me it's not the treats that keeps the extra pounds on - I can manage to stay that way with all food.
-I definitely don't get as many headaches as I used to.  I used to have bad headaches.  That is a major bonus.
-I still crave sweets EVERY day.

Honestly, I wish I felt more satisfaction about it than I do.   A year ago I would have been amazed to think I could go this long, that it is a great accomplishment.  Now, it's just another day.

 Alison...This has been a great challenge! I wish I could say that I look different because of it, but I manage to find the calories in other ways! I have enjoyed doing this with my daughter . . . she really inspires me! Abigail is not "officially" part of the game, so she really has nothing to lose. I am so impressed with her!
 Elizabeth...I have missed chocolate chip cookies the most. Dating has been a little challenging because many times a stop for frozen yogurt or some other sweet treat is part of the planned evening. Also, people my age often gather and make sweet treats the centerpiece of the gathering. I don't like to draw attention to the fact that I'm not eating those treats.
 Cristie...I have really benefited from this challenge. There is a freedom from feeling compelled to find a sweet fix throughout each and every day. After about four or five months I just quit thinking about sweets as an option. I have lost eight pounds and seem to be just holding steady in the weight department. The way I was eating junk I am certain that my weight was just going up and up and up. I rarely have a headache, few mood swings, better energy and sense of well being. This has been good for me.

 Becky...One year- how can it seem like yesterday but also seem like forever? How good it feels to deny yourself and feel like you have a little control and discipline that you can follow through for a year with a goal.  Feel so much better--about 23 lbs lighter and can't thank all this Carter crew enough.
There were days that I thought about you passing up ice cream and birthday cake and homemade toffee to help me stay committed. I'll be honest I think I surprised myself.
Thanks-  we found out there is more joy in life than sugar!

 Danny...Ok, what no desserts/candy/soda has meant in my life is just that - no desserts/candy/soda. I am just hunkered down and ready to do it until I die, even if it means no Newport fritters again, which is honestly the worst part. :)



Grandma Honey said…
What testimonies of no sugar! I thought the cravings would go away by now. I know when I eat red meat I want sugar afterwards.
What a strong determined family you have!
S. Etole said…
What determination you all have. Remarkable.
Melissa: said…
it's fun to see everyone's perspective!

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