he said, "it's a another beautiful day."
she said, "it's a no color world out there."

then she went to the kitchen

and ate marvelous amazing color.

then he said, "you know last night when you said you were thankful we survived another winter? It's true. It is no small thing."

she said, "yes I know, but it sounded a little over the top, dramatic."

he replied, "the Indians counted off each year by surviving winter."

she uttered this statement when she prayed after family home evening. she almost laughed when the words spilled out; sounding so dramatic.

but, she meant it.

she needs color.



S. Etole said…
there's a lot of depth to this conversation ...
Cath said…
Seriously. Today was like living in the dust bowl. Where is our color, our spring?? I'm ready!
deb said…
wishing you colour, cristie.
we had a few drab days, but today was fabulous

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