31 years young

Edward Williams Carter 
was born in Lansdale Pennsylvania
October 23, 1980

He is the fourth of eight children
with a birthday close to Halloween

he was an adorable little boy

he could play with Shipwreck for hours
 He had a huge crush on Vanna White
when he was a little boy

she called him once on his birthday
(i pretended to be her)

his hero was MJ

and Mike Schmidt

Eddie lived for two years in South Africa
preaching faith, repentance, and baptism

painting by Liz Lemon Swindle

he loves to talk politics
push buttons

 some favorites

 he listens to Jim Rome daily

 he graduated from the U

but he's TRUE BLUE

he called Dr. Laura who basically said,
"grow up and be a man"
he is still a huge fun

just look at your life dear boy
you are beloved
and you love
could there be anything better?

Happy Birthday!


alison said…
Wow!!! You are on top of it with your posting. How fun that I got to visit with you all and an hour or so later see all the party pictures! Thank you:) I hate missing the celebrations! Love you, and happy birthday little brother:)
Grandma Honey said…
Really he called Dr Laura? Now THAT takes courage!

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