we bury people for fun...

a large deep hole
 you can barely see his hand flinging sand
 willing people that don't mind being sandy

 nate decides to join them
 boyfriend. girlfriend. niece. brother.

 a family full of teases

 they added water and packed it tight

 sis is up to her neck
 time to dig out

 all photos are in the order taken

 happy spectators

 now aunt and niece are stuck
i think they're ready for this fun to be done

 stuffing sand down each others suits
 the sand get stuck in a one piece bathing suit
 sis has collected quite a pocket of sand!
 they jump in the ocean to get clean
now its claire's turn. 
i guess they made it look fun.



Melissa: said…
HA! That is great!
Grandma Honey said…
Now THAT is family togetherness!
S. Etole said…
I'd get a bit claustrophobic!

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