February 2013

Going out to the Hale Center Theater and dinner with great company...Sam and Melissa.
 I played Monopoly with the boys. The red die is called the speed dice...it was fun.

So much snow and cold weather this week! I have loved it.

These are the young women I get to associate with weekly.

Nate is getting very good on the piano.

I drove to Idaho and met darling Kate.

Liz had her 21st birthday in Galveston Texas!

Mitchell adores his new baby sister. This is his baby!

I met Laurel in Ogden and we went to a dinner and then a movie.

Still loving the green drinks.

My uncle Cliff passed on and it was fun to gather with family that i adore.

Sweetie was so thoughtful for Valentine's Day.

Our neighbors and friends the O'Leary's are in the Amazing Race. We gather weekly to cheer them on.

I made cookies.

I chatted it up with my grandchildren. This is Grace and her new baby Kate.

I loved watching Lydia open her dolly for her 3rd birthday. How amazing is that!

My little tweetie passed. I will miss his song.

Our book group gathered. We do most months.

More cooking and baking.

Kitty and I hang out whenever I hold still.

Something I painted a few years ago. It's our family tree. Each flower represents a grandchild. So far we have 19 with two more on their way.

Loving the ginger root in my greet drinks.
That is this month in a nutshell. Busier on instagram...not so busy with my blog.



Grandma Honey said…
Loved this post! Fun reading and seeing about it all. What a full life you have.
S. Etole said…
Looks like a great month.
Melissa: said…
There is beauty all around. :) I'm so grateful to know you.

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