another fond farewell

As summer takes it's final bow I feel a longing to do it all over again. Who knows, maybe she will be back for a curtain call. That would be lovely and I would definitely be part of a standing ovation!

I loved (23-86)

*spending time in Heber (such a beautiful valley)

*preparing food with the girls in the kitchen (pancakes, bean burritos, eggs,...)

*hiking with the kids in Sundance and playing with them in the waterfall

*cleaning Claire up at the stream (she was such a big girl)

*riding the tram with Grace and Jack...Grace spitting over the rail-

*swimming in the pool with the grandchildren (mexican dress stuck to me)
*hiking the Heber Matterhorn with Ali and Kate
*full bloated moon August 6

*watching seven children with spouses surround the Monopoly table laughing (magic)

*discussing politics, fashion, religion (anything and everything)
*watching Joe and Lynda grow their friendship

*watching David and Kelli couple

*time spent in the car with sweetie
*young Ed playing baseball in the Avenues
*Melissa singing and Sam playing his mandolin
*stormy skies and big winds

*watching the staged play of Hello Dolly with Ada (her face was wonder)

*watching the staged play of Hello Dolly with Sam, Melissa and Sweetie (pure delight)

*going out for custard with Danny and Katie...visiting with the neighbors on the porch...having some good laughs all the way around
*attending the Temple with children

*sitting in the Sealing room with worthy adult children and spouses
*Kelli and Dave's wedding (dusty wind blowing dresses, hair, and dead bird off the Temple roof during photo session)

*gathering with family for a wedding supper

*generosity extended to my children
*stake president calls to make sure Dave can get through the door
*getting drenched at Lagoon and I mean soaking wet!
*watching those kids ride the bumper cars over and over and over
*Wicked...never been thrust up and down with such power...amazing

*riding the sky ride with Claire and watching the world below (my favorite ride of all)
*napping on the lawn without a care in the world (the bugs that crawled over me to get to their destination didn't even bother me)

*having the Riches over for dinner and seeing that David would marry into a loving family
*having the Indian family here for dinner before their departure
*Independence Day and the never-ending fireworks...hanging out on the blankets with people I love the most

*my birthday (just about my favorite day of the year) I heard from all of my siblings, all of my children, and celebrated with the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten. PERFECT

*lots of Jazzercise with great music, friends (riding in the car with Julie...I love that girl)
*bridal shower for Kelli offered by Pam and Rachael...such an outpouring of love and support
*read "Travels With Charlie" by Steinbeck and "The Walk-In" by ? . Loved Travels
and so appreciated the well written word.

*attended an Odyssey House meeting with Laurel. (a singular experience that changed my life)
*I ate delicious food this summer (fish tacos, home made burgers, salmon, lots of grilled vegetables, green smoothies every day, garden tomatoes, chili rellenos) --abundance.

*Temple dedication with Joe, Liz, and Sweetie...the spirit was so strong--we are a covenant making people.
*we attended two outside neighborhood concerts (Kellystock and Dallin Frampton)
*lots of early morning walks with Becky (we still haven't solved the world's problems, but we love trying)
*playing card games with the neighbors (i sit at the table in awe of their goodness)

*long phone calls with my sisters
*Nate taking us for Indian food and returning to our home for an evening on the deck talking about cleanliness, getting fired, lessons learned, my parents, politics.

*dinner with the college friends...Sue lost her mother
*arranging flowers and creating a bridal bouquet for David and Kelli's wedding dinner--they were splendid and I enjoyed every minute of creating

*Julie taking me to find all of the odds and ends it takes to make the dinner nice
*movies seen with sweetie, neighbors and Liz --we have had some good laughs

*Cindy sharing a whole bucket of popcorn with me
*praying by my bed, in the car, at the dining room chair, in the living room, in the back yard, in the shower
*missionary splits
*lunch with girl friends --Cindy, Linda, Julie, Janet, Cheryl, Katherine
*Cafe Rio brought to the house and voraciously consumed by children...what was it--eleven dinners?

*purchasing and installing a fountain on the deck with jer and the boys
*potting flowers for the front porch and the railing on the deck

*preparing David to be married (i loved every minute of our time spent together)

*shopping for an engagement ring with Joseph (he loves beautiful things)
*just having Joe home from his mission
*riding that blue scooter all over Holladay

*conversations with my dad

*having Lois here for a couple of days

*spending time with all of my grandchildren and watching their parents parent
*Shakespeare festival with sweetie and finding a great place to eat Mexican food

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”
Swedish Proverb

My life is full of abundance, but I really should eat less. I am thankful. xox



Katie said…
Oh I love you so! Thanks for taking the time to write all that down. I loved reading it.
Eddie said…
A very good list, and a very good summer!
alison said…
a treasured summer. you are so good at documenting. So grateful my kids and I could be a part of these sweet memories. i love you.
deb said…
Wow. You see well.
Linda said…
Spending time with adult children is such a blessing. What a wonderful list!

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