* when he shimmied up the thirty foot flag pole...descended in a flash, and declared, "you'll never see that again."

* watching that last baby move inside of me's not likely that i will ever experience this again.

* the visit in her bedroom--the hug--getting in the car and driving away. knowing that embrace was the last.

* reading a storybook and then it occurs to me..."you will never be asked to read this again."

* sitting through that elementary school Halloween parade watching you stroll by all made up.

what was it about these experiences that made me aware of  the last time?

Last night I savored time spent with those I love wondering at lasts.

usually i brush by lasts. the pain of endings can spoil the nows. life has been so sweet that i choose not to see something as an experience that i may never witness again. usually.



Cath said…
Love this. Sometimes the sorrow of "lasts" just washes over you and you can't brush past it. And sometimes, it makes the now even sweeter. Thanks for reminding me of all the lasts I need to savor. Loved the painting you included. Who is the artist?
cristie said…
cath, thank you for your kind and understanding response.

i magnified the painting...soyce abbe fox...i think. i tried to do some research with no luck. but, i agree that it is indeed lovely
S. Etole said…
sometimes you just know ...
Katie said…
I'm hoping that today is the last time I have to scrub puke out of my kids clothes. I didn't have the feeling this would be a "last" though.
Julie said…
A note to Katie, no dear, it will not be the last!
Cristie, wanting to know more, what was the "last" that you sensed?
Katie, you made my day, a gave a great big laugh out loud!
Julie said…
Cristie, it is time to see if we can "slurp this blog"
Got to see this in hardback.

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