not just another day

Blow, blow thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude.
William Shakespeare


* the Boise family safely arrived home
* sitting close at church
* grilled cheese and ham to send them on their way
* "touched you last"
* children yelling farewells from disappearing car
* ability to take down last tree
* toasty bed
* Primary
* kitty purrs
* he waits in line early morning for the reservation
* grapefruit
* oatmeal
* fresh start
* she has the courage to apologize



S. Etole said…
there is always so much to be thankful for ...
Cath said…
Glad they made it safely home. It was so nice of Al to give us her time on Friday. She's such a good mamma. And it was fun to see Doug and your Lizzie. Lizzie is so darling. Tell her thank you for helping us with the boys - we kept tossing one her way when I needed free hands. Love you Cristie!
Relyn said…
There is nothing more important to quality of life than an active habit of gratitude. I love this post.
deb said…
I always love your gratitude lists. They make me smile.
You do .

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