40 year reunion

last night we met at the high school
40 years have passed

 lovely faces i see every ten years

a large painting in the foyer
i forgot how much i love it

i grew up with donna
she just lived up the street
church, school, trick-or-treating

elizabeth and i are distant cousins

lindy and greg...they get it done

oh my heck...i love roxy

 i haven't seen these girls in such a long time

 cliff cole...a boy i saw every school day for thirteen years
now only at reunions

dave dabell...a doc in seattle
such a nice boy while i was growing up

the auditorium
hotter than blazes
music playing

cliff and lynn...high school sweethearts...will ride their harley's to new york soon

 not much change here

 dolores hammond enjoyed theatre with me

tracy reminded me why i got calls from the school while my kids were growing up
in other words
"apples don't fall far from the tree"

 tom tripp...a nice kid and now a nice man

they were always fun

 more friends

 school pride runs deep

i rarely saw this hall empty

you can take the girl out of Bountiful
but it's hard to take Bountiful out of the girl

someone asked me how i get along with Salt Lake people

i thought that was an interesting question



Grandma Honey said…
You got to have your reunion at the high school you attended??? I've never heard of that before, but I would love that.

I didn't realize my 40th is also coming up next year until I read your post. And I also didn't have much interest in attending until I read this...so thank you for the inspiration!
Melissa: said…
Looks like so much fun! You looked fabulous - both nights! This also makes me rethink staying home from the reunions...
Relyn said…
I've been a blogging slacker lately. Jeffrey and Sloane were gone for two weeks and I spent that time revelling in being alone, house projects, and silence. Now we are am on a looooong road trip. We're in Arizona now and I have a bit of time on the computer - finally! I was having withdrawls from being away from my blogger buddies so long, I tell you. I hope your summer gets better and better as it wears on. Love to you and yours.

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