change is inevitable


So many things i like about this photo...

  1. my mother's smile
  2. she's holding Laurel
  3. Laurel has her blankie
  4. my dad's arm resting on my shoulder
  5. ali's little shorts
  6. ed in sun glasses
  7. the way sweetie has his hands on ed's head
  8. i'm holding spencer
  9. anson
  10. angie holding jessica
  11. pam and jeff are young and happy
  12. daniel looking out
  13. Laurel is distracted
  14. my moccasins
  15. that faithful van

i wonder who the photographer was...


Melissa: said…
What a great photo - lots of love - that sure hasn't changed. :)
S. Etole said…
So many reasons to smile and give thanks.
Grandma Honey said…
Those natural pictures are so much more fun to look back on than the perfectly posed ones. What a happy family.
Michelle said…
love that. And you looked great with 1983 hair-- GREAT-- not that I'm suggesting you go back to that....
alison said…
these pictures made me cry. it's amazing how a photograph takes you back. how you notice all the very small details. i like dad's shirt. do you think he would wear that today?? :)

love you. thanks for making big long road trips with all those little kids in that faithful van.
Katie said…
I was probably the photographer!

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