William Tyndale

where does your devotion spring from
growing up affluent
concern for the plow boy

"To scatter Roman darkness by this light
The loss of land and life I'll reckon slight."

in your forty years to die a martyr
cold requesting warmth

i will always honor you
feast at your sacrifice
William Tyndale
brave, bright and true

"Scripture is a light, and shows us the true way, both what to do and what to hope for, and a defense from all error, and a comfort in adversity that we despair not, and strengthens us in prosperity that we sin not."
William Tyndale



Cath said…
Loved Fire in the Bones. And Tyndale. Learning about him was a remarkable discovery. Beautiful poem. My favorite phrase? "feast at your sacrifice" - Love your heart Cristie. xoxo

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