climbing to view

(all photos taken by my brother Nathan)
many times in Paris
once in Switzerland
i found myself
 just what will i see?                                                                                              top of arc de triomphe

well worn stone steps
holding many travelers
pilgrims really
and clergy
a bird's eye view                                                                                                           top of sacre coeur
long before the Wright brothers
as man yearns                                                                                                            top of grossmunster
to see
and feel closer



Dave said…
Great photos mom! Love the poetry.
cristie said…
thanks davey. xox
Cath said…
You are too cute in your Parisian hats. Love hearing about your travels. xo
S. Etole said…
What incredible views.
cristie said…
i love to hear from you Catherine...we had a ball! xox
Grandma Honey said…
totally fascinating pictures!

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