sweet 18

it's her birthday
she is 18
19 years ago
heaven let her leave

attended her arrival

her mother
sick and worn
coughed her out

pink bald
fresh new
seven eager siblings
clamoring to hold

life is sweeter
since her birth
she is
after all
icing on the cake



alison said…
lately i have been thinking about the little valiant spirit getting ready to leave a heavenly home and make our home and lives a little piece of heaven on earth.

very sweet . . . we wish the sisser a happy, happy day!
Katie said…
My sweet Mama. You did cough her out, literally. Thank you for being the vessel for so much joy and love. Your vision of a family has carried on!
S. Etole said…
enjoy the love of family here ...
cristie said…
(sniff)...you girls and your goodness humble me. xox
deb said…
what an honour to be here in this space

Happy Birthday to your daughter,
and to this beautiful family.
Cath said…
icing in the cake. so perfect. she is absolutely beautiful!

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