to walk

this is my walking partner
for the past twenty some years
off and on
we have weathered
(which we hate)
and the most amazing
autumn colors and smells
spring buds burst and birds singing
frozen winter spills with a thunk on the head

soaking up life
solving the world's problems
only to be solved again the next day

she knows my heart
and loves me just the same

this girl makes me laugh
and laugh

and when i cry
she tells me it will be OK

our boys
my girls
 went to school together
worked at the chicken place
hung out together
did life together

her mother love is fierce
and i love that about her
no kid is quite as shiny
as her kids
i joke with her about this
she denies it
but i'm convinced
she thinks it so

i love her



Melissa: said…
she is one great gal!
Cath said…
What a cherished friendship. You BOTH are blessed! A very tender tribute Cristie.
Julie said…
Boy if that isn't the truth, they don't come any better than Becky!
deb said…
oh, deep sigh. Soul sister.
Deb said…
She is amazing! You two are lucky to have each other. I have so much love for both of you. Beautiful!

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