not to be forgotten

my girls

Cristie Clark 

Bonnie Price Peterson 

Hattie Arilla Spencer

Harriet Ann Reynolds

Hannah Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Ann Johnson

Mary Morris

two of my girls are mother's now
leading the list
then their mother
and so forth

direct descendants
each a mother

Mary Morris
what were you like
who ever thinks of you
or mentions your name?

did you taste a banana
take a hot shower
 see the world from the sky?

you have birthed
seven generations of mothers
a seed
coming to fruition
many times over

we are good women
mother's in Zion
we reverence our calling

thank you
Mary Morris
i stand in awe
at the power of one

today i said
your name



S. Etole said…
what a blessing to continue on ...
deb said…
so beautiful cristie.

Thinking of you this day of Mothers.
Wishing you sweetness and peace and love.

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