rainy then, rainy now

our mother
his wife
born March 1, l935
passed May 10, 2003


dad is so so lonely
he toughs it out
"what's up" i ask
"just waiting for the sun to go down"
he replies
his life reduced to this
work and missing

you said,
"look after him, he's not easy"
everyone tries
we come up short

there is no replacing
his one and only

would you visit him
maybe a dream

once he said,
"i look for her walking down the driveway,
she's not coming back"

you must have known
 a gaping hole
impossible to fill



S. Etole said…
you can hear the loneliness ...
deb said…
this makes me so sad.
Melissa: said…
I showed your blog to my aunt.
she looked at me and said, "wow. You are so lucky. She is something special."

It is true.

She said something else I think you should consider. We'll talk... :)

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