we gathered

well, it was a whirlwind weekend

filled with pretty girls

and dashing men

couples in love

sisters with a penchant for shopping

lar-lar and her daddy

happiness spilling over

from Chicago, Boise, and Logan

eating eating and eating

glitter toes



swapping stories

there's no place like home

glitter toes complete

glitter toes in the sun

what! did i say sun...

thank you sun for warming our bones
even for a few short hours

my "little women" each adored

our newest addition meeting

our youngest son

daddy and daughter

and oldest son

my joy is full

(except for the fact that i didn't get a picture of Melissa or Lynda)



Laura Hegfield said…
wow what a gorgeous family, I found your blog through talk at the table and felt compelled to stop by.
S. Etole said…
and no snow!!! great gathering ...
alison said…
what a fast, full, fun, and memorable trip. already missing my family. love the pictures . . . please send some my way:)

love you.
deb said…
oh , cristie,

such full full living,
our lives are indeed who we are. become us.
become you beautifully !
Katie said…
Thanks for capturing so many wonderful moments! I miss you already. Sending my love...

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